Healthcare Talent Shortage: LTC

Posted by Janna Westbrook on Aug 9, 2019 11:44:31 AM

In long term care, direct care jobs are expected to far outpace overall employment. Unfortunately, healthcare staffing firms have not fully adapted to a landscape that is increasingly ambulatory. Considering healthcare staffing firms have primarily service acute care providers, long term care facilities continue to struggle with vacancies. As stated by the 2018 4th quarter PBJ results, #SaintLouis County makes top 5 for most contracted healthcare professionals in Long Term Care in Missouri. It appears that the use of staffing agencies in #LTC facilities continues to increase. The number of PRN/Per Diem employees has gradually increased in comparison to full-time employees.

There is a greater share of younger and older nurses with less share in the middle. According to a recent survey conducted by Staffing Industry Analysts, from 2000 to 2017, the share of employed RN's aged 16-34 has increased from 23% to 30%. On the other end of the spectrum, the share of nurses aged 55+ has also risen substantially, from 13% to 24%. In 2002, the industry experienced a significant decrease in the number of new nurses entering the industry but over the years, nursing schools have ramped up their enrollment. The number of RN students taking the NCLEX (nursing licensure exam) has doubled in the last 15 years. Because of this, healthcare organizations are brainstorming solutions to tap into the younger labor market as the older market begins to retire. Although compensation and benefits seem to be the deciding factor for older healthcare professionals, work/life balance seems to be a deciding employment factor for younger healthcare professionals.


Provider Pool has created a staffing solution that addresses the desire for greater work/life balance for the professional while providing a cost effective alternative to staffing agencies for the Long Term Care facility.

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